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How to boil water in South Pole?

You will never succeed. 

Coz the water will never reach a boiling point.

So what's it gonna take for u to realize?

I swear: It's a pain in the ass!!!!

I was hurt before. My Mom doesn't want me to get married.

Yes. I got scammed. But this doesn't mean that I oughtta get stuck here.

Yes. It's SO HARD to trust anyone.

Beginning of Aug., I met a Scandinavian on a dating site.

This Scandinavian was up in the midnight, 

which was able to chat after I finished work @ 10 pm (Sometimes 10:30 pm).

Let's address this Scandinavian as "Mr. Scandinavian."

I didn't talk to Mr. Scandinavian too much. 

He didn't mind getting on Skype, which means that he's communicative.

Aug. 21, I shipped him a brand-new cleaning robot.

Viber with Scandinavian 

Beginning of Sept., 

I had to choose between enrolling a caregiver's course & paying off my debt.

I decided to pay off my debt to 8 banks. 

I didn't ask too much help from family though they have money. Coz:

1. I dragged them down after I got scammed.

2. They'd wanna control me.

My Mom doesn't want me to go abroad coz I'm much safer in Taipei.

Last year, 

I was threatened to intercourse by an Italian grape farmer in Robinvale in South AUS.

I had a midnight runaway without water or food for eighteen hours in 7 degrees. 

(I'll write another story of it.)

July, an (Jewish) American offered me 65% - 100% free to New York to see him.

It was a dilemma!!

35% of a USA flight is only AUD$272.

This nice-looking American can speak Mandarin, 

& he ever studied in Taipei. 

PERFECT body shape in his age.

I chose Mr. Scandinavian. 

I was wrong.

I was working EVERY night & keeping searching for the CHEAPEST ticket.

I booked my return flight on Airpaz APP.

I didn't know why my payment on Airpaz APP failed.

螢幕截圖 2015-09-17 18.0.jpg

When I discovered it, it's already Sept. 17.

As u may have known: The later u book a ticket, the more expensive it is.

My original return date was Sept. 30.

I called Mr. Scandinavian to discuss it.

螢幕截圖 2015-09-17 18.47.52.png

螢幕截圖 2015-09-17 18.1.jpg

Mr. Scandinavian replied as below:

Viber with Scandinavian



So I didn't book my return that night. 

I rushed to work.

I believed in him!!!!

Sept. 21 morning, I forgot my money in ATM while calculating how much money I may need. 

The money wasn't there anymore. 

So I had to withdraw money AGAIN.

I was in panic. I called Mr. Scandinavian to say: "I wanna cancel it."

He told me to come over & call back to Taipei while transferring @ Singapore.

@ Singapore Airport, I was lucky that my money was retaken by ATM.

A Hawaiian Filipino told me the last MRT is 00:00 am.

I took a wrong direction @ an interchange @ 23:20 pm but I couldn't go back.

That was the last MRT.

A Swiss-Singaporean mixed-blooded guy helped me stay in his place over night for free.

I got interrogated by AUS IMMIGRATION while passing by CUSTOMS.

(A senior police net pal said: "It's becoz u didn't book a return flight.")

Immigration demanded me to depart before Oct. 9.

1st day @ Mr. Scandinavian's home in Maddington, WiFi was unstable. 

WiFi password was missing. 

My laptop couldn't be switched on.

Mr. Scandinavian let me use his MAC Guest Acct..

I paid an expensive roaming fee to log in Web WhatsApp. 


Screenshot 2015-10-29 05.16.42.png 

I unblocked Ash after blocking him for 2 months.

I've been holding grudge against Ash as:

1. Ash was picking on me. He DID Know how bad I lost all data & how grievous Shannon (Older Sister) misunderstood me.

2. Ash sponsored an Indo. gal 4 years ago. (He said she just wants money.)

3. Ash opened an acct. on a CHINA dating site.

Well, u can NEVER teach someone to see a value --- 

For instance, Getting the casket and returning the pearl.

China mainlanders r very cunning!! Scammers everywhere.

I got scammed. So Ash is about to seek a China scammer now??

On WhatsApp, I invited Ash to meet up. 

I brought his gifts.

Ash came to Maddington.

Sept. 25, Mr. Scandinavian promised me marriage. 

Taiwan government was off due to a typhoon.

I couldn't apply for an e-copy of "Affidavit to Single Status".

(Well, unsure of its legitimacy.)

I called my Mom & Sister to get it in my room. But there's no spare key to my room.

All day, I troubled my family, spent fone fees, felt fucking stressed, & plotted a "Visa Run" to New Zealand.

Monday, Sept. 28, UK Queen's birthday. 

West Australia was off. 

11:00 pm, Mr. Scandinavian refused to predate 1.5 months, 

which was genuine, while discussing over applying for a visa.

He wanted me to wait for 9 months. He said he's not divorced yet.

I wasted extra AUD$145 simply becoz Mr. Scandinavian didn't precaution me.

Screenshot 2015-10-09 14.43.02.png 

If u r gonna break ur promise, don't u think that u MUST inform the person RIGHT AWAY???

Mr. Scandinavian is NOT a man of his words.

I know that he would NOT do it after 9 months.

I'm not a burden. I know it's time to go. 

I didn't want him to ask for a leave @ work.

But I just didn't know how to tell him. 

I rather lose him right now.

So I said: "I'll have to contact other men."

Mr. Scandinavian went to bed.

12:30 am, I dreamed of my Sister's death. I woke up.

I went to hug him.

He just revealed:

He's been spying on my web-based WhatsApp on his MAC.

Mr. Scandinavian: "u r playing a game." 

"u r going to New Zealand to see someone." 

"Tomorrow I'll tell Immigration to ban u forever."

Me: "Will u take me to a pregnancy test?"

Mr. Scandinavian: "No. I can only tell u that I can't have a baby."

All these years, I took workplace bully, I left "Comfort Zone", I took national exams of licenses, I took insults from nasty Aussies...


He reminded me of my UK ex, Chris, who snooped my fone, 
got wrong information, went to drink, had a hangover, 
rang up my old French friend to screw him, 
& demanded a baby, which wasn't a part of our deal in the 1st place. 
MANY times I've told Chris: “It ain't so.” 
What did he do??
Chris chose to wrong me.

Do u understand this vid: Salt - Cyanide & Happiness?

u caused someone else's pain yet u think it's funny?? 

Pretend that nothing's happened?


Screenshot 2015-10-29 04.42.50.png 

1:30 am, I went out without anything... WITHOUT any single thing.

7 am, I came back.

Mr. Scandinavian locked his door on purpose.

14 pm, I went to sought help from a neighbor, Oliver & Patricia.

I wanted to go to a church. But no church was open. 

Oliver called the police.

Police arrived at 3:40 pm, when haply Mr. Scandinavian gets home from work.

Police accompanied me to retrieve my luggage & then drove me to Armandale Hospital.

It took me 5.5 hours to do checkup, pregnancy test, & a morning-after pill @ Armandale Hospital.

10:30 pm, my doctor let me go.

Sept. 30, Wednesday, my Croatian friend took me to Perth Central Station.

My 3G network wasn't working.

I glimpsed "VodaFone" but... 

1. I was sleepy/tired.

2. I'd be too late to assemble with my Croatian friend.

3. Ash promised to meet up on Friday/weekend. I'd have WiFi again.

4. Maddington Central "VodaFone" sales representative said that this AUD$2 SIM only has a #. 

I topped up but I wasn't sure if there's data.

I didn't walk into "VodaFone." 

Oct. 2, Friday morn, Ash Whatsapped me that he's busy in the afternoon.

I went to Maddington to apologize to Mr. Scandinavian.

He not only refused to meet, but also changed his WiFi password.

I was waiting @ his front door.

A cook, Antony Moore, 

who lives on #26 or #28, Pitt Street, Saint James, promised to pick me up @ 3:30 pm.

6:40 pm, I smsed Antony Moore. 

(& I called a Secret Harbor guy. He hanged up on me directly.)

Antony Moore: "I was cooking for Grand Final of 2015 FFA Cup. Too tired to meet up."

Me: "u were supposed to tell me earlier!" 

I switched off my cell.

No bus. I walked to Maddington Station heading to Perth Central Station.

I switched on my cell.

Antony Moore: "u can still come if u want. Take a cab from Maddington."

I wanna know what's his job & restaurant like as I was working in a "sha-bu sha-bu" restaurant & Regent Hotel, Taipei (5 stars).

Me: "I'm already on the train."

Antony Moore: "To Oats Street Station. Take a cab to Saint James."

I presumed that I would be safe coz Antony Moore did NOT seem interested in me at all.

First he blew me off, 2nd he even didn't wanna pick me up from station.

@ Oats Street Station, a kind nice friendly Singaporean bus driver showed me the way.

For my safety, this gentle Singaporean directed me to get off @ Curtin University.

That was 9 pm.

Antony Moore came to pick me up & asked me what I wanna do.

Me: "I just wanna sleep."

Antony Moore shares the same house with his older brother, Chris, who's sleeping. 

He put me in his room.

11:00 pm, Antony Moore started forcing me  to intercourse.

I was trying to reason with him.

I was begging him to stop.

Antony Moore threatened me: "Either u fuck me, or u fuck off."

Rapidly I packed & ran out.

It's very dark & cold there.

On my runaway, I bumped into a cab.

This cab is a limo which has zebras' stripes.

I told the driver what's just happened & asked him to take me to a closest motel.

The driver doesn't know a motel nearby.

11:30 pm, we arrived at Oats Street Station parking lot.

A train's coming in.

He gave me a discount of AUD$0.80.

I dropped my wallet in the front seat in a hurry.

It was dark. I didn't see it. I was afraid of missing out the last train to Perth Central hostels.

Railway police helped call my Cannington Christian friend to pick me up. 

We went to a police station in Oats Street Station area. 

It's closed. I lost EVERYTHING.

Christian friend helped report my loss to police, 

Found accommodations for me, 

& gave me AUD$25 in total.


Ash refused to meet me. 
He didn't notify me one day earlier, which wasted me AUD$100 roaming fees.

Oct. 3, Saturday, 3:40 pm, @ Cannington Station, I called "Pat Thomas House". It closes @ 5 pm.
"Pat Thomas House" said: "We're in Mandurah. It's a little bit too far for u to take an airplane. I'll forward you to somewhere closer."

The waiting was killing me.

So I decided to try out my luck the last time! (Running out of coins...)

I called the Secret Harbor guy. On the fone, he said he would help. 

AGAIN, this was killing me! I smsed him in advance & I was waiting 1 hr. @ Kwinana Station.


Secret Harbor guy met me & explained me: "My frenz think that u r a scammer, 
& u paused on the fone, as if u were pondering scamming me. 
I don't think it's fair to generalize people. So I came to figure it out." 
We went to visit frenz & parents before I departed. 
He took me to airport  7 pm, Oct. 5.

8 pm, Darren Woodfired, an owner of a resort in Queensland, blew me off.

Darren Woodfired's irresponsible sudden absence NEARLY fucking cause me Big TROUBLE!!!


Do u know what's a "promise"? 

A "promise" is "words coming out of ur own mouth from ur own free will."

If u r not gonna carry out ur promise, u oughtta notify the person ASAP!!!

Oct. 8, thru Warwick friend's help,

Mr. Scandinavian's Filipino ex contacted me. 

The facts are:

1. Sept. 19, Saturday, this couple's still having sex
--- While I was working. I was touching down on 22!!!!!

2. Mr. Scandinavian has divorced already. 

3. Mr. Scandinavian has got vasectomy. 
He kept me buying & taking morning-after pills, 
putting me in embarrassment talking to pharmacists, 
wasting me 5,5 hours in Armandale Hospital!!!
(I'm not a whore. I didn't plan to fuck him, so I didn't bring contraception.)

4. Mr. Scandinavian does burp in the public yet he wrote "NO" in mail.

5. Mr. Scandinavian does NOT do housework. 

6. Mr. Scandinavian did NEITHER reimburse me pills TWICE he promised, 
NOR plane fare.

NO ONE's gonna pay her full fare & 1 day on airplane JUST to play a game with you!!!!!!

u think that I have so much fucking money & time????

Am I bad to publish this?

No. Let me tell u what's "Pure Evil."

"Commission" is sin. 

Isn't "Omission" a kinda sin??

My Christian friend's received $50 from me.


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In an English class, a Christian teacher asked everybody: "What did u do which u think it's 'Bravery'?"

A gal spoke out: "When I was transferring @ Malaysia Airport, I felt lost & scared. But still I stayed brave & asked people for direction."

I was thinking: "With ur bad English command, yes, u should be worried."

My Secret Harbor friend who ever studied in an army defined "Bravery": "Doing something for someone else, which is selfless."

My answer is: "Know ur limit. Admit that u r wrong. Willing to repent. Dare to change."

What's urs?

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I went to an English class & had a talk with a male friend who's younger than me by 2 years.
He went to working holiday in New Zealand & Canada. Totally 1 year & 8 months . 
I feel a little bit disappointed that I overestimated him
He works as an animal rescuer before he went to Canada. After he came back, he contacted old colleagues. So he learnt that there's still a vacancy of same job, same workplace, same duty, same people. So he is lucky. As a government contractor, he can still lives in his " comfort zone."
Friday night, I asked him many questions. 
His TOEIC score is 720. Mine is 855.
Full score is 990. 
I have a lot of pressure getting a higher score. I thought that he would have a totally different view on Taiwan. 
But No.
No. I'm wrong

Me: "Why did u go working holiday?"
He: "To experience."

Me: "What did u learned which is very very important 1 year & 8 months there?"
He: "I feel more bold, daring, & confident. Too much to say."

Me: "Why did u come back? Didn't u wanna find out a way to immigrate?"
He: "Coz I've experienced it enough. Taiwan still has its own advantages. So I came back. Not everyone wanna immigrate."

Of course, he is lucky that there's haply a vacancy when he came back

Me: "What about a shortage of resources of Taiwan?"
He: "Personally u can still do something . U can collect rain, to recycle water, to utilize it well."

I REALLY wanna ask: "It's not about u, or me, or he, or a person. It's about the government. When Taiwan doesn't have rain for 2 months - 3 months, where or how r u gonna collect rain?"
It's good that I started to know... I talked to a wrong person. I've known him for 4 years.

Taiwan Government has been importing many foreign labors from Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, & China. 
In order to stay away from police, usually they live in countryside.
They dump trash into rivers & ocean.
I'm NOT gonna share water with them!!
I'm NOT gonna be stuck in Taiwan with barbarians!!

PS. In Taipei, we gotta pay for dumping trash


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Record and upload audio >>

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While I broke up with Chris (UK ex), haply my company was struggling.

I lent my ladyboss AUD$3,810 as a guarantee for a Taiwan Government's procurement. My company didn't make it.
I lost my bf & job.

THIS SCAMMER spent 3 months talking to me on Heypersonals.com, Skype, & HangOuts before scamming me.
Meanwhile, John (American) wanted to meet me -- for times.
John said that he's a Policeman in USA. 12 years older than me.

He lives a little bit far.

He told me to go to his place by cab.
I didn't want him to take me for granted.
I'm not a whore.
I asked him to share my transportation fee.

John: “I'll pay ur cab.”
Me: “How would I know?”
John: “Don't u wanna marry an American??”
Me: “I don't need u to marry an American.”

After John left Taiwan, I just found out that John didn't tell me the truth...

John is NOT a policeman.

John is a Prosecutor in Phoenix, & graduated from Columbia Law School.
His book ISBN: 9780415365895

John @ Taipei. 2011, 01, 20  

Just like in Mildura, a pea farmer, Ross, kicked me out within 1 day simply becoz a scammer “promised” to arrive the next day.
Ross promised me that I could wait for my...
1. “Amaysim” SIM card.
2. A 2nd-handed HTC smart fone.
3. My Mom's parcel. Postage: AUD$73.75.
4. USB stick (For GHOST)

Did I get any of them?? NO.

My trip in Perth was God damn INCONVENIENT without my SIM & fone!!!

Reasons why I got scammed:

1. Chris' been keeping my stuff & blowing me off -- It only takes 5 mins' walk from his place to mine. This Scammer said that he'd help retrieve it back. Now, are u gonna suggest me to buy same new stuff as replacements? SORRY. I do NOT like buying things. (Believe me. u don't know what Chris did.)

2. A computer teacher of a cram school lowered down the “Security Level” of “Firewall” on my PC when I was building up an ASP site. It got virus. Without any proof, the fucking stupid bitch ladyboss put the blame on me but not him. He's an old friend of her. I was new there. I got sacked without being paid 1 month. Well, in Taiwan, there're so many cram schools that u don't have to be good to teach. Remember! When u hear a Taiwanese say: “I'm a teacher.” u gotta keep asking: “What kinda school?” PROBABLY u'll get an answer like: “Cram school” or “Elementary school.”

3. The scammer is a VIP on Heypersonals.com. Mostly scammers r NOT VIP coz they don't wanna be tracked. This Nigerian international fraud group either stole credit cards, or did Bank Transfer.

4. I didn't google in English. I failed to google a similar case.

5. I believed in this Shit: Rhonda Byrne -- The Secret.

6. I wanted to promote the hair transplant clinic where I was working at as an “Internet Marketer.”


An earlier victim:

Before discovering it, I remitted AUD$1166.
Then 2nd time, I was lacking of AUD$333. I found a private loan company.
The loan man (Not a loan shark), Mr. Wang, taught me a way to get cash legally (Yes. It's NOT illegal).
He had an old friend in a car loan company, which introduced a guy who wanna sell a Benz to pay off gangsters. 
Mr. Wang took me to a shop to make fake purchase with my credit cards.
Mr. Wang, shop, & me, got a little bit money. 
I helped the Benz guy free from fear.
Mr. Wang gave me an "I-O-U" & guaranteed that he'd pay AUD$16,166 back within 10 days by selling off Benz.
1 month later, I gotta pay banks.
Mr. Wang just told me that he got scammed by his friend. There was NO Benz!
After a long long lawsuit, he agreed to return me AUD$666 monthly.
But sometimes he postpones it when he has no money... 
The car loan man disappeared...

Is it a cultural difference?
In AUS, I've learned: Whenever a man claims “I'm a good person”, it implies that he's a Bad person indeed.
Just like a scammer to win ur trust.
Once u give ur TRUST, that moment u start becoming vulnerable.

U know what's the hardest part?
It's SO HARD to trust anyone now.

Why bad things happened to good people??
Becoz it's funnier.

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Last year, In Fremantle, when I was walking in the street back home, a beautiful Gypsy woman came to ask me for "Hampton Road". I was haply going to Hampton Road. So I told her: "Follow me". 
This Gypsy woman wore very nice clothes, high heels, carrying a laptop. 
She said: "I am afraid that a thief may break my car window, so I didn't put it in car." 
She asked: "How far is it? I'm going to Hampton road for a pharmacy. That's the only pharmacy I can get my medicine" 
Apparently she's not familiar with this place. I told her: "About 14 min." But in fact, It's 20 min. & I wore sneakers. 
She walked with me 5 more min, and she said: "How far is it now?" 
I said: "About 10 min. more." 
She said: "No. That's too far." She said: "Sorry." 
Then she turned back to her car. She chose the easiest way for herself. I oughtta have told her the fact in the first place. But I misled her. 
She has a car. She parked her car & walked with me becoz she thought it's not far.  
I learned: "All I had to do was tell her the TRUTH --- Whether good or bad. Let her decide."

She could just driver her car without walking 5 mins. with me.

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這是去年新成立的工會 .  照顧服務員可以在這工會加保 . 政府補助 40%

英文代碼 :

A 為 01

B 為 02

C 為 03



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