How to boil water in South Pole?

You will never succeed. 

Coz the water will never reach a boiling point.

So what's it gonna take for u to realize?

I swear: It's a pain in the ass!!!!

I was hurt before. My Mom doesn't want me to get married.

Yes. I got scammed. But this doesn't mean that I oughtta get stuck here.

Yes. It's SO HARD to trust anyone.

Beginning of Aug., I met a Scandinavian on a dating site.

This Scandinavian was up in the midnight, 

which was able to chat after I finished work @ 10 pm (Sometimes 10:30 pm).

Let's address this Scandinavian as "Mr. Scandinavian."

I didn't talk to Mr. Scandinavian too much. 

He didn't mind getting on Skype, which means that he's communicative.

Aug. 21, I shipped him a brand-new cleaning robot.

Viber with Scandinavian 

Beginning of Sept., 

I had to choose between enrolling a caregiver's course & paying off my debt.

I decided to pay off my debt to 8 banks. 

I didn't ask too much help from family though they have money. Coz:

1. I dragged them down after I got scammed.

2. They'd wanna control me.

My Mom doesn't want me to go abroad coz I'm much safer in Taipei.

Last year, 

I was threatened to intercourse by an Italian grape farmer in Robinvale in South AUS.

I had a midnight runaway without water or food for eighteen hours in 7 degrees. 

(I'll write another story of it.)

July, an (Jewish) American offered me 65% - 100% free to New York to see him.

It was a dilemma!!

35% of a USA flight is only AUD$272.

This nice-looking American can speak Mandarin, 

& he ever studied in Taipei. 

PERFECT body shape in his age.

I chose Mr. Scandinavian. 

I was wrong.

I was working EVERY night & keeping searching for the CHEAPEST ticket.

I booked my return flight on Airpaz APP.

I didn't know why my payment on Airpaz APP failed.

螢幕截圖 2015-09-17 18.0.jpg

When I discovered it, it's already Sept. 17.

As u may have known: The later u book a ticket, the more expensive it is.

My original return date was Sept. 30.

I called Mr. Scandinavian to discuss it.

螢幕截圖 2015-09-17 18.47.52.png

螢幕截圖 2015-09-17 18.1.jpg

Mr. Scandinavian replied as below:

Viber with Scandinavian



So I didn't book my return that night. 

I rushed to work.

I believed in him!!!!

Sept. 21 morning, I forgot my money in ATM while calculating how much money I may need. 

The money wasn't there anymore. 

So I had to withdraw money AGAIN.

I was in panic. I called Mr. Scandinavian to say: "I wanna cancel it."

He told me to come over & call back to Taipei while transferring @ Singapore.

@ Singapore Airport, I was lucky that my money was retaken by ATM.

A Hawaiian Filipino told me the last MRT is 00:00 am.

I took a wrong direction @ an interchange @ 23:20 pm but I couldn't go back.

That was the last MRT.

A Swiss-Singaporean mixed-blooded guy helped me stay in his place over night for free.

I got interrogated by AUS IMMIGRATION while passing by CUSTOMS.

(A senior police net pal said: "It's becoz u didn't book a return flight.")

Immigration demanded me to depart before Oct. 9.

1st day @ Mr. Scandinavian's home in Maddington, WiFi was unstable. 

WiFi password was missing. 

My laptop couldn't be switched on.

Mr. Scandinavian let me use his MAC Guest Acct..

I paid an expensive roaming fee to log in Web WhatsApp. 


Screenshot 2015-10-29 05.16.42.png 

I unblocked Ash after blocking him for 2 months.

I've been holding grudge against Ash as:

1. Ash was picking on me. He DID Know how bad I lost all data & how grievous Shannon (Older Sister) misunderstood me.

2. Ash sponsored an Indo. gal 4 years ago. (He said she just wants money.)

3. Ash opened an acct. on a CHINA dating site.

Well, u can NEVER teach someone to see a value --- 

For instance, Getting the casket and returning the pearl.

China mainlanders r very cunning!! Scammers everywhere.

I got scammed. So Ash is about to seek a China scammer now??

On WhatsApp, I invited Ash to meet up. 

I brought his gifts.

Ash came to Maddington.

Sept. 25, Mr. Scandinavian promised me marriage. 

Taiwan government was off due to a typhoon.

I couldn't apply for an e-copy of "Affidavit to Single Status".

(Well, unsure of its legitimacy.)

I called my Mom & Sister to get it in my room. But there's no spare key to my room.

All day, I troubled my family, spent fone fees, felt fucking stressed, & plotted a "Visa Run" to New Zealand.

Monday, Sept. 28, UK Queen's birthday. 

West Australia was off. 

11:00 pm, Mr. Scandinavian refused to predate 1.5 months, 

which was genuine, while discussing over applying for a visa.

He wanted me to wait for 9 months. He said he's not divorced yet.

I wasted extra AUD$145 simply becoz Mr. Scandinavian didn't precaution me.

Screenshot 2015-10-09 14.43.02.png 

If u r gonna break ur promise, don't u think that u MUST inform the person RIGHT AWAY???

Mr. Scandinavian is NOT a man of his words.

I know that he would NOT do it after 9 months.

I'm not a burden. I know it's time to go. 

I didn't want him to ask for a leave @ work.

But I just didn't know how to tell him. 

I rather lose him right now.

So I said: "I'll have to contact other men."

Mr. Scandinavian went to bed.

12:30 am, I dreamed of my Sister's death. I woke up.

I went to hug him.

He just revealed:

He's been spying on my web-based WhatsApp on his MAC.

Mr. Scandinavian: "u r playing a game." 

"u r going to New Zealand to see someone." 

"Tomorrow I'll tell Immigration to ban u forever."

Me: "Will u take me to a pregnancy test?"

Mr. Scandinavian: "No. I can only tell u that I can't have a baby."

All these years, I took workplace bully, I left "Comfort Zone", I took national exams of licenses, I took insults from nasty Aussies...


He reminded me of my UK ex, Chris, who snooped my fone, 
got wrong information, went to drink, had a hangover, 
rang up my old French friend to screw him, 
& demanded a baby, which wasn't a part of our deal in the 1st place. 
MANY times I've told Chris: “It ain't so.” 
What did he do??
Chris chose to wrong me.

Do u understand this vid: Salt - Cyanide & Happiness?

u caused someone else's pain yet u think it's funny?? 

Pretend that nothing's happened?


Screenshot 2015-10-29 04.42.50.png 

1:30 am, I went out without anything... WITHOUT any single thing.

7 am, I came back.

Mr. Scandinavian locked his door on purpose.

14 pm, I went to sought help from a neighbor, Oliver & Patricia.

I wanted to go to a church. But no church was open. 

Oliver called the police.

Police arrived at 3:40 pm, when haply Mr. Scandinavian gets home from work.

Police accompanied me to retrieve my luggage & then drove me to Armandale Hospital.

It took me 5.5 hours to do checkup, pregnancy test, & a morning-after pill @ Armandale Hospital.

10:30 pm, my doctor let me go.

Sept. 30, Wednesday, my Croatian friend took me to Perth Central Station.

My 3G network wasn't working.

I glimpsed "VodaFone" but... 

1. I was sleepy/tired.

2. I'd be too late to assemble with my Croatian friend.

3. Ash promised to meet up on Friday/weekend. I'd have WiFi again.

4. Maddington Central "VodaFone" sales representative said that this AUD$2 SIM only has a #. 

I topped up but I wasn't sure if there's data.

I didn't walk into "VodaFone." 

Oct. 2, Friday morn, Ash Whatsapped me that he's busy in the afternoon.

I went to Maddington to apologize to Mr. Scandinavian.

He not only refused to meet, but also changed his WiFi password.

I was waiting @ his front door.

A cook, Antony Moore, 

who lives on #26 or #28, Pitt Street, Saint James, promised to pick me up @ 3:30 pm.

6:40 pm, I smsed Antony Moore. 

(& I called a Secret Harbor guy. He hanged up on me directly.)

Antony Moore: "I was cooking for Grand Final of 2015 FFA Cup. Too tired to meet up."

Me: "u were supposed to tell me earlier!" 

I switched off my cell.

No bus. I walked to Maddington Station heading to Perth Central Station.

I switched on my cell.

Antony Moore: "u can still come if u want. Take a cab from Maddington."

I wanna know what's his job & restaurant like as I was working in a "sha-bu sha-bu" restaurant & Regent Hotel, Taipei (5 stars).

Me: "I'm already on the train."

Antony Moore: "To Oats Street Station. Take a cab to Saint James."

I presumed that I would be safe coz Antony Moore did NOT seem interested in me at all.

First he blew me off, 2nd he even didn't wanna pick me up from station.

@ Oats Street Station, a kind nice friendly Singaporean bus driver showed me the way.

For my safety, this gentle Singaporean directed me to get off @ Curtin University.

That was 9 pm.

Antony Moore came to pick me up & asked me what I wanna do.

Me: "I just wanna sleep."

Antony Moore shares the same house with his older brother, Chris, who's sleeping. 

He put me in his room.

11:00 pm, Antony Moore started forcing me  to intercourse.

I was trying to reason with him.

I was begging him to stop.

Antony Moore threatened me: "Either u fuck me, or u fuck off."

Rapidly I packed & ran out.

It's very dark & cold there.

On my runaway, I bumped into a cab.

This cab is a limo which has zebras' stripes.

I told the driver what's just happened & asked him to take me to a closest motel.

The driver doesn't know a motel nearby.

11:30 pm, we arrived at Oats Street Station parking lot.

A train's coming in.

He gave me a discount of AUD$0.80.

I dropped my wallet in the front seat in a hurry.

It was dark. I didn't see it. I was afraid of missing out the last train to Perth Central hostels.

Railway police helped call my Cannington Christian friend to pick me up. 

We went to a police station in Oats Street Station area. 

It's closed. I lost EVERYTHING.

Christian friend helped report my loss to police, 

Found accommodations for me, 

& gave me AUD$25 in total.


Ash refused to meet me. 
He didn't notify me one day earlier, which wasted me AUD$100 roaming fees.

Oct. 3, Saturday, 3:40 pm, @ Cannington Station, I called "Pat Thomas House". It closes @ 5 pm.
"Pat Thomas House" said: "We're in Mandurah. It's a little bit too far for u to take an airplane. I'll forward you to somewhere closer."

The waiting was killing me.

So I decided to try out my luck the last time! (Running out of coins...)

I called the Secret Harbor guy. On the fone, he said he would help. 

AGAIN, this was killing me! I smsed him in advance & I was waiting 1 hr. @ Kwinana Station.


Secret Harbor guy met me & explained me: "My frenz think that u r a scammer, 
& u paused on the fone, as if u were pondering scamming me. 
I don't think it's fair to generalize people. So I came to figure it out." 
We went to visit frenz & parents before I departed. 
He took me to airport  7 pm, Oct. 5.

8 pm, Darren Woodfired, an owner of a resort in Queensland, blew me off.

Darren Woodfired's irresponsible sudden absence NEARLY fucking cause me Big TROUBLE!!!


Do u know what's a "promise"? 

A "promise" is "words coming out of ur own mouth from ur own free will."

If u r not gonna carry out ur promise, u oughtta notify the person ASAP!!!

Oct. 8, thru Warwick friend's help,

Mr. Scandinavian's Filipino ex contacted me. 

The facts are:

1. Sept. 19, Saturday, this couple's still having sex
--- While I was working. I was touching down on 22!!!!!

2. Mr. Scandinavian has divorced already. 

3. Mr. Scandinavian has got vasectomy. 
He kept me buying & taking morning-after pills, 
putting me in embarrassment talking to pharmacists, 
wasting me 5,5 hours in Armandale Hospital!!!
(I'm not a whore. I didn't plan to fuck him, so I didn't bring contraception.)

4. Mr. Scandinavian does burp in the public yet he wrote "NO" in mail.

5. Mr. Scandinavian does NOT do housework. 

6. Mr. Scandinavian did NEITHER reimburse me pills TWICE he promised, 
NOR plane fare.

NO ONE's gonna pay her full fare & 1 day on airplane JUST to play a game with you!!!!!!

u think that I have so much fucking money & time????

Am I bad to publish this?

No. Let me tell u what's "Pure Evil."

"Commission" is sin. 

Isn't "Omission" a kinda sin??

My Christian friend's received $50 from me.


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昨早 7:30 am 出發, 去大佳河濱公園看龍舟賽 . 非常精彩 ! 有滿多國家參賽的. 我第一次在台北看龍舟「總決賽」. 以往沒人陪, 我就沒有去.
景美女中訓練 2 隻隊伍, 皆有晉級總決賽 . 令我不解的是: 高中組並無分男女 ...
景美女中相當厲害 !! 贏了竹林高中籃球隊 & 棒球隊 !
影片是師大國語教學中心的外國人 , 船尾是黑人   她們奪得第三名 !!

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1. 傾聽,不要打斷 (Listen without Interrupting.) 靜靜聆聽,是對他人的尊重,也是內心謙虛的表現;你若愛一個人,就多聆聽!「敗壞之先,人心驕傲;尊榮以前,必有謙卑。」 (箴言18:12)

2. 說話,不要指責 (Speak without Accusing.) 不要養成指責他人的習慣,尤其是在尚未弄清事情原委之前。很多人做錯事情後,更渴望得到接納,而不是指責;就像你在犯過錯誤之後,所渴望的一樣。你若愛他,就不要指責!「你們各人要快快的聽、慢慢的說,慢慢的動怒。」 (雅各書 1:19)

3. 給予,不要保留 (Give without Sparing.) 面對別人的懇求,不要拒絕;能幫助別人的時候,不要遲疑。你今天幫了別人,明天別人也會幫你;即使他們都辜負了你,天上的父也會給予你百倍的賞報,因為祂把一切都看在了眼裏。你若愛他,就不要保留!「有終日貪得無饜的;義人施捨而不吝惜。」 (箴言 21:26)

4. 關愛,不要停止 (Pray without Ceasing.) 愛一個人,不僅僅只是給他一點東西。愛與不愛,並不是做給外人看,而是做給自己的心看;請你常常在心裏為他祈禱,不要停止。因為你真的愛他,就會讓他先住在你的心裏。愛他,就時時為他祈禱!「因此,我們自從聽見的日子,也就為你們不住的禱告祈求,願你們在一切屬靈的智慧悟性上,滿心知道神的旨意。」 (歌羅西書1:9)

5. 回答,不要爭執 (Answer without Arguing.) 人與人的相處,在於和睦,而不在於爭執。家庭裏面的人們,常常為了證明自己有理,而不斷的為自己辯護;當每個人都在想著證明自己是正確的時候,爭吵就不可避免,到最後,爭論並沒有帶來和睦,反而是隔閡越來越大。你若愛他,就不要爭執!「設筵滿屋,大家相爭,不如有塊乾餅,大家相安。」 (箴言17:1)

6. 分享,不要假裝 (Share without Pretending.) 如果你真的在乎一個人,那麼把你真實的自己與他分享;不要總是帶著虛假的面具,裝出一副迎合他的樣子。假裝,並不會讓對方對你的喜歡增加一層,反而會在時間的流失中,慢慢失去對你的信任;做最真實的自己,堅守來自上帝的真理。你若愛他,就不要假裝!「惟用愛心說誠實話,凡事長進,連於元首基督;全身都靠祂聯絡得合適、百節各按各職,照著各體的功用,彼此相助,便叫身體漸漸增長,在愛中建立自己。」 (以弗所書4:15~16)

7. 享受,不要抱怨 (Enjoy without Complaint.) 人在生活中,常常會陷入抱怨的漩渦,妻子抱怨丈夫、父母抱怨孩子、學生抱怨老師、老闆抱怨下屬;每一個人總覺得對方虧欠了自己,每一個人都覺得自己受盡了委屈。但很少有人會在抱怨的同時,捫心自問「我是否也會成為別人抱怨的對象?我是否也曾虧欠過別人,讓別人受盡委屈?」抱怨,並不能解決事情,只會讓原本微小的事情越變越大;抱怨可以讓你一時解氣,但最終卻會使你的氣量越變越小,自己把自己孤立於別人的世界之外。你若愛他,就停止抱怨!「凡所行的,都不要發怨言、起爭論。」 (腓立比書 2:14)

8. 信任,不要動搖 (Trust without wavering.) 很多時候,我們失去一個自己所愛的人,並不是誰把他奪走了,而是我們一步步將他推走;推走,不是因為我們不珍惜,而是因為我們太珍惜。太珍惜,就總想把他抓在自己的手裏,慢慢的干涉多了,自由少了;專橫多了,信任少了,隱藏多了,交流少了。愛,是信任中的責任,而不是猜疑中的束縛。「凡事包容,凡事相信,凡事盼望,凡事忍耐。」 (哥林多前書13:7)

9. 原諒,不要懲罰 (Forgive without Punishing.) 不是別人做錯了事情,就一定要去懲罰;你是為了他的成長,而不是為了讓他難堪。有時候寬恕的力量勝過懲罰,柔軟的力量強過堅硬;不要把別人的犯錯,化為自己內心報復的機會。愛他,就原諒不要懲罰;「你們饒恕人的過犯、你們的天父也必饒恕你們的過犯。」(馬太福音6:14)

10. 承諾,不要忘記 (Promise without Forgetting.) 說過的話,總不要忘記;做不到就不要輕易承諾!愛你的人,不在乎你給他什麼東西,卻在乎你兌現諾言這個行為。愛一個人,就不要讓他對你的盼望落空,多次的等待看不到結果,會讓他以為在你心裏已經沒有了位置。愛他,就承諾不要忘記。「所盼望的遲延未得,令人心憂;所願意的臨到,卻是生命樹。」 (箴13:12)

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民國 105 年5 月 6 日, 照顧服務員檢定考, 我特地向學校請了假, 提前回了家。
考生休息室內 , 同組先考的考生提醒道 :「假人很笨重, 肢體很僵硬 !」
我想:「那麼我先給假人在床邊穿外套, 活動空間較大, 行動較自由。」
我對假人說:「王伯伯, 我帶你去散步」床上的假人竟然 ...
假人真的太難以控制了。我蹲著幫假人穿襪子時,它冷不防「鏗」向後倒, 撞到床緣。 我簡直傻眼了 ! 故作鎮定, 強忍著笑 , 草草套上鞋襪外套, 草草推出輪椅, 折返一圈, 結束任務。 考畢, 監評委員不禁憂心忡忡地問 :「你是不是很緊張啊?」

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A pig, a sheep, and a cow 
were kept in the same corral. 
1 day, a shepherd caught the pig. 
It howled aloud & resisted violently. 
Sheep and cows hated its howl. 
They said: "He often catches us. We do not fuss."
The pig replied: 
"Catching you is completely different from catching me."
"He catches you just for wool and milk."
"He catches me for my life!"

It's difficult to understand others' feelings, frustration, & pain, in different positions/environments. 
We should not gloat, but should have a caring & understanding heart.

小豬聽了回答道:「捉你們和捉我完全是兩回事。他捉你們,只是要你們的毛和乳汁。但是捉住我,卻是要我的命呢 !」

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Open LINE,

Go to "Settings"





PS. Before u judge me

plz fully understand what this guy did!!!

Plz remember: %22u r not me%22 


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These letters were written on Oct. 10, 2015.

Today, when I recall all this, 

NO doubt: Mr. Scandinavian can't be more EVIL!

I came to apologize to u.

Even a teenager woke me up, touched me, 
& took my hand to hold his dick @ 10 pm & 11 pm, 
I wasn't grumpy at all. 

Do u remember? 
On Viber, I mentioned “Crab-Man”? 

If u put a lot of crabs in a bucket, 
then u have nothing to worry about their escape. 

Coz the top 1 crab will Always be pulled down by others.

This is carbs' nature.

Even my family is a “Crab-man”.

My younger Brother laughs at me sometimes.

All the time They tell me:

"Haven't u had enough?”

“When will u ever learn?”

“u think u r beautiful?” 

“What if this guy's a scammer?”

“This guy” means YOU.

While I was working at night, 
u were having sex with ur Filipino gf.

If u can't help in time, 

I gotta make a CORRECT decision.

Do u know my night-time job pay is AUD$4/hr.?

U think that I'm going to New Zealand to see a guy?

Can u TRY to understand my stress Everyday?

YES. I was “stock raving mad”. 

Coz Nowhere I belong...

Yes. U r right. 
I was plotting a game -- a game of revenge.

I've been holding hatred of Ash for his sponsorship of 1 Indonesian gal 4 years ago. 

I wanna show u off to Ash. 

U r smoking hot.

Remember the Chinese ancient story “Buying a casket & returning a pearl”?

No one can teach anyone how to see the true value of something/someone.

Sept. 29, Tuesday, 00:10 am, 
I had a nightmare of my little Sister's death. 
So I woke up. 

I know that u'd kick me out in the morn anyway anyhow. 

Sorry that I woke u up. 
I was scared. 
I didn't fear. 
After I met u, I started to fear.

I don't wanna just sit there & watch it happen without knowing why.

I never wanna make u jealous. 

Of course, u can question me. 
u can always Verify & Validate. 
But did u?

Plz unblock ur Filipino ex.. 
She has nothing to do with u or me.

I asked 1 Aussie: “Do u do recycling?”

He asked: “u do recycling for selling?” 
Then he sent me a pic of his hands holding REAL  human shit -- 
Yet they r calling me “Scammer”??!!

2 months ago, HP Maintenance Center erased ALL my data without backup or notification. 

ALL is gone -- 
Before I applied for 1 AUS job online.

I've been suing the HP engineer, 2 people & 1 company -- 
Including a Mongolian.

I lost in the 1st trial. 
It's tearing me apart EVERY TIME however I still gotta face it.

My ex ladyboss & company owed me AUD$3,670. 
I won my lawsuit but they hide assets, 
which is VERY difficult for me.

Without knowing a story behind, 
my religious veggie frenz were mocking at me, 
blaming me, 
& telling me to FORGIVE or GIVE UP.

“u think that u r beautiful???”

This is what they always said to me.

I can't take more of these misunderstanding, innuendo, sarcasm, mocks, 
& unfairness all alone all along. 

Especially u.

That's all.

In order to see u, 
Do u realize how hard it was for me to convince my family??

I live on credit cards. 
Usually I don't have cash. 
This is my only way to survive. 

U never asked me why I wanna marry u.

Coz u were worthy. 
We both know that. 
U r smarter than All Aussies.

I planned to have u to screw Aussie players.

No one'd spend a day & money flying over to play a game with u.

I have responsibilities. 
I can't RUIN my ENTIRE family.

Ur neighbor called the police. 
Not me.

I wanted u to refund coz I'm not a whore. 
U put me in unnecessary embarrassment...

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Sorry. I got a typo: "Luggage" [U]












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This is a recycle bin set. Japan has it, too.

Recycling bins in Taiwan 

I'm very environmentally-friendly. I don't like people of the opposite.

So every time when I 1st meet a net pal, I always ask: "Do u do recycling properly?"

The worst Aussie in my experience is...

Me: "Do u do recycling?"

He: "Yes. Do u collect recycling for selling?"

He: "Like this?"

Then he sent me a pic of real human shit in hands.

I swear! That's really a human shit!

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  A man from the state of Chu wanted to sell a precious pearl in the state of Zheng. He made a casket for the pearl out of the wood from a magnolia tree, which he fumigated with spices. He studded the casket with pearls and jade, ornamented with red gems4 and decorated it with kingfisher feathers. A man of the state of Zheng bought the casket and gave him back the pearl.

  Too luxuriant decoration usually supersedes what really counts. This man from Chu certainly knew how to sell a casket but he was no good at selling his pearl. And the man of Zheng didn't know which is really valuable.

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