Well, dude. Fuck you. I'm just too busy to write you a mail. But I never forgot.
I even daren't sms you. Do you know that whenever I wanted to give you a call, I gotta cease my shivering hand?
What a shock today! Oh, shit!
You thought I didn't know? Now I'm so cold.
Since you've removed me from MSN list, how are you gonna hear about me? Take back your fucking excuse! Fuck!
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My ..._ Jill Lu

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  • Shannon
  • Kick him out of your memory, then~
    Be happy; smile~ Think of Little Black and Little White. :)
  • jilllu
  • Thank you. But I can't. He's still a friend. I don't wanna lose
    a friend.
    Yes, I miss my Big Sister, Little Black, and Little White.


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