Last year, In Fremantle, when I was walking in the street back home, a beautiful Gypsy woman came to ask me for "Hampton Road". I was haply going to Hampton Road. So I told her: "Follow me". 
This Gypsy woman wore very nice clothes, high heels, carrying a laptop. 
She said: "I am afraid that a thief may break my car window, so I didn't put it in car." 
She asked: "How far is it? I'm going to Hampton road for a pharmacy. That's the only pharmacy I can get my medicine" 
Apparently she's not familiar with this place. I told her: "About 14 min." But in fact, It's 20 min. & I wore sneakers. 
She walked with me 5 more min, and she said: "How far is it now?" 
I said: "About 10 min. more." 
She said: "No. That's too far." She said: "Sorry." 
Then she turned back to her car. She chose the easiest way for herself. I oughtta have told her the fact in the first place. But I misled her. 
She has a car. She parked her car & walked with me becoz she thought it's not far.  
I learned: "All I had to do was tell her the TRUTH --- Whether good or bad. Let her decide."

She could just driver her car without walking 5 mins. with me.

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