I went to an English class & had a talk with a male friend who's younger than me by 2 years.
He went to working holiday in New Zealand & Canada. Totally 1 year & 8 months . 
I feel a little bit disappointed that I overestimated him
He works as an animal rescuer before he went to Canada. After he came back, he contacted old colleagues. So he learnt that there's still a vacancy of same job, same workplace, same duty, same people. So he is lucky. As a government contractor, he can still lives in his " comfort zone."
Friday night, I asked him many questions. 
His TOEIC score is 720. Mine is 855.
Full score is 990. 
I have a lot of pressure getting a higher score. I thought that he would have a totally different view on Taiwan. 
But No.
No. I'm wrong

Me: "Why did u go working holiday?"
He: "To experience."

Me: "What did u learned which is very very important 1 year & 8 months there?"
He: "I feel more bold, daring, & confident. Too much to say."

Me: "Why did u come back? Didn't u wanna find out a way to immigrate?"
He: "Coz I've experienced it enough. Taiwan still has its own advantages. So I came back. Not everyone wanna immigrate."

Of course, he is lucky that there's haply a vacancy when he came back

Me: "What about a shortage of resources of Taiwan?"
He: "Personally u can still do something . U can collect rain, to recycle water, to utilize it well."

I REALLY wanna ask: "It's not about u, or me, or he, or a person. It's about the government. When Taiwan doesn't have rain for 2 months - 3 months, where or how r u gonna collect rain?"
It's good that I started to know... I talked to a wrong person. I've known him for 4 years.

Taiwan Government has been importing many foreign labors from Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, & China. 
In order to stay away from police, usually they live in countryside.
They dump trash into rivers & ocean.
I'm NOT gonna share water with them!!
I'm NOT gonna be stuck in Taiwan with barbarians!!

PS. In Taipei, we gotta pay for dumping trash


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