These letters were written on Oct. 10, 2015.

Today, when I recall all this, 

NO doubt: Mr. Scandinavian can't be more EVIL!

I came to apologize to u.

Even a teenager woke me up, touched me, 
& took my hand to hold his dick @ 10 pm & 11 pm, 
I wasn't grumpy at all. 

Do u remember? 
On Viber, I mentioned “Crab-Man”? 

If u put a lot of crabs in a bucket, 
then u have nothing to worry about their escape. 

Coz the top 1 crab will Always be pulled down by others.

This is carbs' nature.

Even my family is a “Crab-man”.

My younger Brother laughs at me sometimes.

All the time They tell me:

"Haven't u had enough?”

“When will u ever learn?”

“u think u r beautiful?” 

“What if this guy's a scammer?”

“This guy” means YOU.

While I was working at night, 
u were having sex with ur Filipino gf.

If u can't help in time, 

I gotta make a CORRECT decision.

Do u know my night-time job pay is AUD$4/hr.?

U think that I'm going to New Zealand to see a guy?

Can u TRY to understand my stress Everyday?

YES. I was “stock raving mad”. 

Coz Nowhere I belong...

Yes. U r right. 
I was plotting a game -- a game of revenge.

I've been holding hatred of Ash for his sponsorship of 1 Indonesian gal 4 years ago. 

I wanna show u off to Ash. 

U r smoking hot.

Remember the Chinese ancient story “Buying a casket & returning a pearl”?

No one can teach anyone how to see the true value of something/someone.

Sept. 29, Tuesday, 00:10 am, 
I had a nightmare of my little Sister's death. 
So I woke up. 

I know that u'd kick me out in the morn anyway anyhow. 

Sorry that I woke u up. 
I was scared. 
I didn't fear. 
After I met u, I started to fear.

I don't wanna just sit there & watch it happen without knowing why.

I never wanna make u jealous. 

Of course, u can question me. 
u can always Verify & Validate. 
But did u?

Plz unblock ur Filipino ex.. 
She has nothing to do with u or me.

I asked 1 Aussie: “Do u do recycling?”

He asked: “u do recycling for selling?” 
Then he sent me a pic of his hands holding REAL  human shit -- 
Yet they r calling me “Scammer”??!!

2 months ago, HP Maintenance Center erased ALL my data without backup or notification. 

ALL is gone -- 
Before I applied for 1 AUS job online.

I've been suing the HP engineer, 2 people & 1 company -- 
Including a Mongolian.

I lost in the 1st trial. 
It's tearing me apart EVERY TIME however I still gotta face it.

My ex ladyboss & company owed me AUD$3,670. 
I won my lawsuit but they hide assets, 
which is VERY difficult for me.

Without knowing a story behind, 
my religious veggie frenz were mocking at me, 
blaming me, 
& telling me to FORGIVE or GIVE UP.

“u think that u r beautiful???”

This is what they always said to me.

I can't take more of these misunderstanding, innuendo, sarcasm, mocks, 
& unfairness all alone all along. 

Especially u.

That's all.

In order to see u, 
Do u realize how hard it was for me to convince my family??

I live on credit cards. 
Usually I don't have cash. 
This is my only way to survive. 

U never asked me why I wanna marry u.

Coz u were worthy. 
We both know that. 
U r smarter than All Aussies.

I planned to have u to screw Aussie players.

No one'd spend a day & money flying over to play a game with u.

I have responsibilities. 
I can't RUIN my ENTIRE family.

Ur neighbor called the police. 
Not me.

I wanted u to refund coz I'm not a whore. 
U put me in unnecessary embarrassment...
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